Our Mission

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Here at Hux Family Farm we strive to create sustainability, nurture positive relationships with nature, and have a homesteading atmosphere. We hope to provide a place for kids and adults to create connections, and find a safe spot to relax and get back to nature. We also provide quality dairy products from high quality Nigerian Dwarf goats, and organic herbs, produce, and fruits from our aquaponics and permaculture practices. As we continue to grow we plan to add on other animals, new agricultural practices, and a therapy practice for kids and adults.

We host yoga and meditation with goats classes, horse connection programing, sponsor play times, events and field trips, classes on herbal and dairy practices, and survival/nature skills activities as a part of our mission. Additionally, our farm animal play times and seasonal festivals bring in and create local community, and bring the joy of our goats to others. We love to connect with others so please don't be shy, if we aren't busy then introduce yourself and ask those questions!

Lake at Rock

  • Located in Durham, NC walking distance to Falls Lake
  • Have about 4.3 acres that we are slowly converting to farm use (a lot of it is woods and unfenced at the moment)
  • Trying to use reused/reclaimed material as much as possible to reduce our impact and save materials from the dump.
  • Wide range of different fencing types from reclaimed wire fencing to pallets. (Matthew enjoys the challenge of making this work)


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  • Drawn together by a mutual love of nature, creating with their hands, wacky senses of humor, and an adventurer's spirit.
  • The farm was originally Matthew’s idea, stemming from his desire to create a homestead. Amanda was 100% on board with this.
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  • Mechanical Engineer turned herdsman and woodworker.
  • Dad’s side of family has a history of farming-his grandfather was an agriculture extension agent for NC
  • Passionate about sustainability, respecting Mother Nature, and sharing his love of these things with others.
  • You can see some of his woodworking creations here.*

*Under Construction

Amanda with baby Tiny and Midnight
  • Teacher for 11 years. Left the school system to better serve the needs of her students through her education business.
  • Grew up with a love of horses, animals, and nature.
  • Got into farming to help support Matthew in his endeavor, and fell in love with the goats and the farm.
  • Passionate about sharing sustainability, animals, nature, and all the amazing things they bring with children, and adults.