Love Horses? Try Our Horse Connection Program!

During our horse connection program we will help you or your child develop a deeper more lasting connection with horses and yourself.

Each lesson includes:

  • Natural horsemanship techniques and games.
  • Practicing mindfulness and equanimity while being with the horses.
  • Learning to groom in a way that promotes enjoyment for both yourself and the horse.
  • Suggestions to increase balance, flexibility, and focus.
  • Possible riding time.

These will have a multitude of benefits:

  • We help you build partnership, respect, and a deeper communication with the horses you work with.
  • These skills will enhance your time with other horses in your life, as well as your riding skills.
  • We help show how riding can be the ultimate partnership between horse and human.
  • Depending on what skills we are working on at each session, and the level of partnership you have built with the horse, we may ride during the session.
  • All riding will be using a bareback pad rather than a saddle to promote better balance, an independent seat, and an intuitive connection with the horse you are riding.
  • These will help you interact with and understand horses to keep riding safe and pleasureful, even with "trouble" horses.


Each lesson can include up to 4 people, and will last for 2 hours.


  • $50 per person during a “group” slot, but one on one with the horse.
  • $60 for two people during a “group” slot where you share the same horse (you must bring your own partner. Great for adult/child combo lessons)
  • $70 for private 2 hour one on one slot.

Package discounts availiable:

  • Save $20 when you buy 4 one on one lessons! ($260)
  • Save $10 when you buy a 4 pack of group or partner slots! ($190 or $230)

Potential Times: (scheduled by appt.)

  • Mon-Fri 11am-6pm.
  • Sat and Sun times are limited so schedule in advance.
  • Contact to schedule.


  • Horse time can also be earned through weekly volunteering.
  • We have helments availiable, but if you have your own please bring it. (We can special order you a new helmet for around $45-$55 if you like ours.)