Meditation Programs

Classes at least twice a month on Saturdays. Come join us for some relaxation and goat cuddles, and take a break from your busy week. Sign up on Eventbrite now to save your spot!

Meditation with Goats

  • Classes will be held in one of our permanent goat fields, and give participants a chance to relax and relieve stress while surrounded by sweet, loving goats.
  • Plenty of opportunities for goat cuddles, and they have even been known to settle in for a nap next to participants (they get to relax too!).
  • Each meditation class will be unique. Some of the types of classes offered will be: Guided meditations for clearing, chakra balancing, full body relaxation, empowerment, and more.
  • Class length: 1 hour (time before and after for extra goat cuddles).
  • Cost: $15 per participant.
  • All ages are welcome. However, we ask that everyone attending be able to sit calmly and quietly so as to not disturb the other participants.

Private Meditation

  • Looking for a private meditation with goats class?
    • We do private classes for special occasions, work or school groups, and even just for friends to have fun together!
  • Cost:
    • $300 for up to 15 people.
    • After 15 each additional person is $10 per person.
  • Includes:
    • 2.5 hours at the farm.
    • 1 hr guided meditation with goats.
    • Goat play time/picture time.
    • Access to our picnic area.
  • Want other activities and more time at our farm?
  • Need a private meditation class for a very small group (5 people and under)?
    • Email us at for options.
  • Private Event Policies
    • Payment responsibility lies with the person or company booking the event (i.e. if attendees want to pay individually they will need to take care of this with the person in your party booking the event).
    • Event spot is held after we receive your $100 deposit (deposit is non-refundable once it is 10 days or less before your event).
    • Balance is expected at least 10 days prior to your event.
    • You may bring any food and beverage that you like to your private event. Please make sure to clean up before leaving and use appropriate bins for waste (trash, recycling, and compost).