Goats and Kids - A natural match

Kids playing with Stormy and Panda

Baby playing with Tiny

Nigerian Dwarf Goats:

  • Small and easier to handle)
    • our biggest female is 50 lbs.
    • our biggest male is 65 lbs.
  • Cute, friendly, personable, and entertaining.
  • Great Dairy goats, which means lots of adorable kids to play with!
  • Their milk is used for many things
    • personal milk use
    • goat milk soap
    • cheese
    • yogurt
    • ice cream
  • Our kids are cuddled daily, and love people. This makes them great for:
    • events
    • therapy
    • kids and adults who are nervous around larger animals
  • We have 5 adult does.
  • The does are bred every one to two years on a rotating schedule, and we use them for milk/dairy products.
  • All of our girls are great for events, therapy, and giving love!
Goat Image
  • We have 2 adult bucks.
  • Our bucks are the esteemed kings of our herd, and are promoters of good genes in our kids.
  • They are all very friendly, enjoy spending time with people, and can be lots of fun to watch.
  • We have 6 doelings (girls), and 1 buckling (boy).
  • Our kids are the highlights of our events and can make even the grumpiest person laugh with their antics.
  • They are cuddled daily and always want more.
Goat Image

Unfortunately, due to our limited space, we can't keep every kid and sell some to support the rest.

  • Want high quality, dual registered milkers?
  • Looking to add a well socialized pet?
  • We frequently have both in the same goat. Check out our goats for sale!