Enrich yourself while supporting your local farmer!

Ginger disappointed

They didn't use Hux Family Farm Soap today!
I guess they don't love me....

Our goat milk soap - Why use it?

  • Made with all natural ingredients, not chemical names you can't pronouce.
  • No unsustainable and environmentally devestating palm oil
  • Made with milk off our farm, farm fresh!
  • Many people swear by goat milk soap for their skin. Some of the claims include:
    • Excellant moisturizing from the cream present in the raw, whole milk we use
    • Skin repair with the extra vitimins present in our milk, particularly Vitamin A
    • Alpha Hydroxy Acids help eliminate dead skins cells less harshly than chemicals and are claimed to reduce ageing effects.

Tinctures for holistic health

  • Natural way to help your body regulate itself rather than become dependant on medicines.
  • Medicinal properties of alcohol tinctures last for years, much longer than herb shelf life
  • Compact for easy storage and for travel or in first aid kits.
  • No prep time required, can be taken straight or mixed in a drink.
  • Check out our full list of tinctures here.

Produce and other items

  • We occasionally have produce availiable. (When we can keep ourselves or the goats from eating it all)
  • Some of the produce is grown in our teaching aquaponics system.
  • Our garden is free of pesticides and herbicides for the best health of the environment and the consumers.
  • We are working on adding permaculture elements to our farm for the future.