Yoga and Meditation with Dwarf Goats

Cocoa Meditation
  • Classes are held in the fence with our friendly goats.
  • During class goats “help”, cuddle, and enjoy meeting participants.
  • Variety of styles. Sign up on Eventbrite.

Nature Yoga and Meditation

Cocoa Meditation
  • Class begins after a short 5-10 min. walk to Falls Lake (at the end of the road our farm is on).
  • Class is held next to the lake with the peaceful sounds of nature and the woods surrounding us.
  • Offers a chance to rekindle your connection with nature, and immerse yourself in a peaceful practice.
  • Sign up on Eventbrite.
Goat Image
  • Perfect for kids who dislike reading.
  • Kids get to read to goats in a no pressure environment.
  • Builds enjoyment of and a love of reading.
Goat Image
  • Will do some classes in the future:
    • Make your own herbal teas.
    • Introduction to common herbs and their uses.
    • Making your own tinctures at home.
    • Others may be added as demand dictates.